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The KushKit is an all inclusive Cannabis Growing Kit that turns the art of growing an easy and bountiful experience.  

Be a Master Grower with the KushKit

Everything Needed to make Growing easy in One Kit. Just add water and place plant under moderate sunlight.

Save Money and Time

What's Included

  • Auto Feminized Seeds
  • Geo Fabric Kush Pots
  • Kush Kups 
  • KushKit Growing Manual
  • Kush Kutters 
  • Expanding Kush Soil Blocks
  • Kush Powder 
  • Kush Sugar
  • Kush Watering Funnel
  • Kush Label Markers
  • Kush Office Supplies 

Save Money and Time while Growing up to 14 ounces per KushKit every 80 days. Choose from a variety of Auto Feminized seed strands, designed to increase yield and decrease time to harvest day. 

Kush Sugars and Kush Powders provide plants with optimum nutrients, while The Kush Pots  unique construction allow the container to withstand constant moisture and prolonged UV exposure, making expensive lighting equipment a thing of the past. 

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